Scuba Diving in Corfu

Scuba Diving in Corfu is an exciting experience for visitors and for the residents of the island. This is due to the increased biodiversity, excellent visibility of water and mild winds predominate, especially during summertime. 

Vertical underwater cliffs that lead to chaotic depths, remote and rocky reefs, underwater caves and shipwrecks, home to many species of rare aquatic organisms such as fish, colourful sponges, corals, invertebrates and beautiful underwater plants. In sandy areas, the Posidonia meadows are natural incubators for all forms of underwater life. They contribute to biodiversity, so here someone encounters the rarest species of the Mediterranean Sea. Also found species of the red sea only in recent years began to pass the Suez Canal and to enrich the Mediterranean fish fauna.

The West coast of Corfu is located near the deepest point of the Mediterranean Sea, the so-called "Mediterranean Sea moat" and so very close to shore in depths exceeding 1200 meters deep. This is the reason that makes the bottom very interesting and the diving fantastic. The water clarity creates unexpected visibility, so sometimes outreaches the 40 meters and gives the impression that the diver is hovering in the air than in water. 

Near the coast, the waves have formed fantastic underwater caves and winding tunnels so they provide memorable experiences to adventurous. In this area, there are several dive sites but also the basis of CORFU DIVE CLUB. So the visitors have the chance to enjoy diving without travelling long distances by boat. Most of the dive spots are located less than 5 minutes away by boat.

The east coast has the form of a canal with a northern exposure less than 1 mile wide and a much larger opening in the south. It accepts almost all the rain and groundwater of the island and the opposite coasts (of Epirus and Albania) through small and big rivers, so supplies large quantities of food the marine life, which appears to be very well developed. Here are only a few interesting dive spots, but there are three shipwrecks that offering funny dives to the more experienced divers. CORFU DIVE CLUB organises a few diving trips there, every week.

"Either you decide to stay in the shallow end of the pool or you go out in the ocean."

Christopher Reeve

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